Who should we believe when there are so many conflicting ‘experts’?

There are doctors that say this is a pandemic, and that the vaccines and masks are safe.
There are also doctors that say this is not a pandemic, and that the vaccines and masks are not safe.

Lets take a good hard 'think' on this one.

The ones who say there is a pandemic don’t allow any questioning of their methodologies and they do not allow for discussion, censoring it on social media and in the news as “false information” without exploring the possibilities – simply put, by shutting it down, and demonizing it.
The ones who say this is not a pandemic go on to beg people to listen to them, and give dire warnings of the vaccine causing health problems; warning that they will not take it themselves, and they would not recommend their patients take it. Involving themselves in discussions, and openly communicating their research methodologies and ideologies.
Are we going to believe the experts that stand to lose everything; their jobs, their project funding, their licenses, their livelihoods, and their reputations for standing firm by their convictions and beliefs.


Are we going to believe the ‘expert’s’ that have everything to gain; from positions of power, finances, funding, and jobs, to reputations, but mostly finances.

I, for one, personally choose to believe those that will risk the loss of everything to stand up for what they believe in.

“If you give up your freedom for safety, you will end up with neither.”

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