Video: Justin Trudeau Boasting about Bribing Canadian Media

the Transcript

Mentally prepare to be completely blown away by the blatant disregard for ethics, and lack of respect shown by the prime minister for the rule of law.  Try not to throw your shoe at your computer, or huck your phone.  This is going to require you to be sitting down.

Justin Trudeau has been blatantly bragging at his press dinners how much money he is paying our Canadian broadcasting media services with.  He says even says it himself in this video, which you can see below.

(Also, keep in mind this was posted back in 2019, so we’ve added to this number substantially since then.)

"i always hear about liberal bias in the media these days, how they're constantly letting off our government, uh, letting our government off the hook. for no good reason. frankly, i think that's insulting."

So let’s start here.  I am one thousand percent sure that nobody is saying that, Justin. 

In fact, we are all quite beyond appalled at the biased censorship, and lack of ethical/legal accountability held to the Liberal government by the media during all of these scandals (where you have been found to be freely robbing our taxpayer funds).

Oh, but it gets better. He then drops this truth-bomb like it’s a punchline:

"It's clear, that they let us off the hook, for a very good reason. Because we pay them, 600 million dollars."

No kidding.  Trudeau’s Liberals have now been convicted of breaking countless ethics laws, mostly revolving around enriching Trudeau, his family, and friends, and because of the media bias – nothing has come of any of these guilty convictions. We are all aware of these instances. (But, that’s a whole other post in itself.)

He then goes on to add with an arrogant smirk:

"You don't get stellar headlines like these: *shows "Justin Trudeau, Not As Advertised" red emblem* ...without greasing the wheels a little bit."
- Justin Trudeau

the video:

Video Taken May 4th, 2019. Uploaded to YouTube August 21st, 2019 by Dave Mason – Parliamentary Press Dinner

What this tells us

This suggests that our media is heavily government funded, and is being used as a tool by Justin Trudeau to push his personal ideologies and agendas, regardless what the public opinion is. 

Translation: Justin Trudeau has now created government-funded media using his dictatorial disregard for Canadian Laws and ethics, and he will continue abusing our system and his position of power as long as we allow him to do so.

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