Canada, Where The Rule Of Law Officially Doesn’t Apply To Government Officials

I was genuinely shocked after seeing this video. I mean, I knew that this was what was happening.. but I didn’t expect them to out-right come out and say it. (‘Kudo’s’ to them for being open and transparent about it for once, though!)

In the video, Joe from Global News calls in asking a question to the Manitoba government: “The City of Winnipeg has been operating its in house gyms exclusively for employees during the level red. The city says it got permission to do so from the province. Can you confirm the city was given permission, and why?”

To which, the government official responds: “When we are giving specific permission, our public health orders don’t apply to any levels of government. So, they don’t apply to federal, provincial, or municipal government. So, I’m aware health inspectors who had visited some of these gyms, and found them …safe. But the real issue, they weren’t given an exemption outside of the order. The order itself doesn’t apply to governments. “

Joe asks a second question: “So, why can’t small apartment, or condo, or family gyms operate following the same guidelines used by the city?”

Government official responds, “Well this is the same thing, about how quickly we open things up, right, and it always comes down to this. We.. uh… expect governments to be able to regulate, and, uh, so we’re not going to tell governments how they function, and uh, in so, if they feel that they could, uh, have a limited capacity, and run these gyms for, uh, for their employees, for certain reasons, than we’re not regulating that. And when we open it up to the public, then it becomes many, many more Manitobans involved in it; and many, many more centers, and so, its uh; again, we’re getting back to where we were in October.”

He goes on to add, “We constantly hear from Manitobans, uh, from businesses about, about how safe their operation is.. and I certainly don’t doubt their efforts, and the protocols they have, it’s just that… where were we in October-November. Everyone was doing their best, everyone was committed, but despite that, we saw a dramatic climb in our numbers, and so we’re doing this cautiously. This here is a specific situation, but our orders right from the very first public health order we wrote, does not apply to government.”

What he is saying here, is that the rules apply for us, but not for them. What he is saying here, is that our efforts are not as good as theirs, so they get to live their lives, but we can’t. What he is saying here, is that the businesses that don’t work for the government do not have the ability to open, but the ones that do, do get to open. What he is saying here, is that the mandates the government officials have been making all of us follow, don’t have to be followed or respected by them, themselves. What he is saying here, is that they are above us in the eyes of the law, and is making a public declaration that the rule of law doesn’t apply to them. Just, wow.

It is now officially ‘them’ vs ‘us’ – they have now publicly and openly stated that the laws for us, allegedly don’t apply to them. I genuinely can’t believe this is happening in my lifetime; that Canada would become an authoritarian-communist state, but here we are.

This isn’t a bad dream. This is reality now.

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