The World Economic Forum: “Digital Identity” Project

This is the WEF admitting that this entire scam has been centered around these new “digital identities” and getting the proper “infrastructure” in place for them to implement their warped communist mass-surveillance agenda.

There’s a lot more to all of this than meets the eye. This is some seriously scary communist shit.

Read what they want to do, without the cute graphic:

Social Platforms:

  • for social interactions;
  • to access third party services that rely on social media logins.


  • for citizens to access and use services
  • file taxes, vote, collect benefits.


  • for service providers to mentor devices and data on the network.
  • for users to own and use devices;

Smart Cities:

  • to monitor devices and sensors transmitting data such a energy usage, air quality, traffic congestion.


  • for users to access insurance, treatment;
  • to monitor health devices, wearables;
  • for health care providers to demonstrate their qualifications.

Financial Services:

  • to open bank accounts,
  • carry out online financial transactions.

Food & Sustainability:

  • for farmers and consumers to verify provenance of produce,
  • to enhance value and traceability in supply chains.

Travel & Mobility:

  • to book trips,
  • to go through border control,
  • between countries or regions.

Humanitarian Response:

  • to access services,
  • to demonstrate qualifications to work in a foreign country.


  • to shop,
  • to conduct business transactions,
  • and secure payments.

This document was released December 2016:

These pages have been saved for archival purposes, (as documents seem to be getting deleted or disappearing conveniently everytime they get high interest in their more sensitive topics).

I scrolled further down in the document, and accidentally hit a jackpot. This looks like the companies that are planning on participating in their “digital-identity plot”, and how they are planning on developing revenue streams through the implementation of it. Sounds lovely.

Page 36 – a direct response to the requirements of transactions in the digital world

  • Digital based: The “user” will control their records digitally, and be able to use to complete transactions.
  • Interconnected: Identity can be communicated between entities in a standardized, digital format.

Under benefits they have listed: Privacy and Control, Revenue Growth, Improved Compliance, Improved Service Delivery.

  • Privacy and Control: people would be able to control & access their information.
  • Revenue Growth: financial institutions [and those who participate] would have opportunities to offer identity as a service.
  • Improved Compliance: regulators would have increased access to up-to-date information
  • Improved Service Delivery: governments could more easily and effectively deliver public services.

Take notice of how “Improved Compliance” is a common topic that keeps being mentioned. They also mention transparency, and revenue growth far too often.

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