OPINION: A Much Needed Reality Check.

Today I had another aggressive person accuse me of being “ignorant”, and then accused me of apparently “not caring about anyone but myself”, simply because I don’t agree with the lockdown measures.

This combative behaviour has become the ‘regular norm’ here in Canada as of lately.

Neither of these statements above were in the slightest bit true, and I’ll explain why.


Everyone should start being responsible for their own health conditions again.

That’s how it works for (most) people who are successful at life.

You are ultimately responsible for you, and only you. That’s not new, and it hasn’t changed; it’s ultimately not going to change.

Seriously, please think about it.


I really don’t blame you for unconsciously changing your ideology to mirror theirs, especially when the government’s been actively propagating it into being.

It’s all you hear when you turn on CBC or Global.. they are constantly reminding us that we are “all in it together” with the senseless fear mongering, 24/7.


They re-framed the way you see personal responsibility, and the way you see yourself and others around you. They programmed you, and told you that others around you are a threat, and that you can’t trust others judgements of their own health, under any circumstances.

Then they repeated it 20x a day, constantly.

They might be sick and not know it! (Which we all found out later, was complete garbage, but the damage had already been done and people had already ‘ran with it’ due to the media obsession.) Seriously, please think about it. Asymptomatic = Healthy.


A large number of people are dying from drug overdoses and suicides because of the lockdown measures/restrictions. These measures are causing HUGE mental health problems across Alberta, which DOES turn into suicides. [Did you know that for every 1% drop in employment in Alberta, it’s equal to 16 suicide deaths?] … is one life more important than the other just because of the recorded “cause of death”?


And lastly, it’s a virus. It’s naturally occurring phenomenon on this planet earth that we will all encounter many times in this lifetime. We can’t control a naturally occurring phenomenon. It’s like trying to stop a tornado… it doesn’t make sense, and it’s not going to work.

What we do have control over, is the measures that we use to deter it; We can board up the windows, and lock up all the doors… but if the tornado hits, it’s still going to level the house. We can’t control a virus any more than we can control a tornado.

We can make sure that the measures we are using are effective, and don’t destroy the theoretical “house” in the process of trying to save the house. To keep in metaphor, the current measures they’ve enacted are comparable to us ripping up all of the plumbing, flooring of the house, and wrecking the house ourselves in preparation, before the tornado even hits. These measures are clearly not helping, even if Covid goes down, the suicides/overdoses go up.

Personally, I find this whole “wear a mask, and listen to what the (government paid) “health professionals” are telling us / disregarding all of the opposing evidence” mindset seriously insane; that people don’t think about this shit, and then aggressively bully people that don’t agree with the media narrative.

What’s the trade-off worth to YOU?

How many people have to lose their livelihoods, businesses, savings, go into poverty, government assistance, lose their jobs, lose their friends, lose their lives for you to feel safe? What’s the trade-off number?

& then, the ‘Experts’

I vote we stop using the phrases, ” medical experts” and “health professionals” …and start using their names. These are PEOPLE who are responsible for our entire country’s lowest mental health status, ever. Suicides and overdoses are at an all time high because of THEIR ‘solutions’.

How can a so-called ‘expert’ not factor them into the equation?! It genuinely blows my mind that people still trust anything that comes out of their mouths at this point. At the very least, lets stop allowing them to be nameless.

These are adults, doing a job, who need to be held responsible for the impact they have on society. And, all of the impact; not just the one that makes them money.

“99% of the scientists and doctors will agree with the entity that provides their funding.”

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