Email List: Calgary City Council 2020-2021

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their individual emails:

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Mask Mandate vote

The ones in Bold Voted Against Masks – consider sending them a thank-you letter for standing up to the mask mandate. We should be showing them that we are supporting them fighting for us and that we appreciate it! We need them to keep ‘showing up’ for us, and we need to be giving them ammunition to deal with this. The ones who Voted For the Mask Mandate – maybe, send them a strongly worded clear and concise (respectful!) disagreement statement. You can include things like: the impact this has had on your daily life, how it’s affecting your mental health, physical health, ability to find work, etc. Then explain that you are angry that the council created this mandate without authorization or jurisdiction to do so, as the province handles all public health matters, not the city. Tell them that you do not consent to the discrimination of people with disabilities who cannot wear the masks and that it should be a choice – we have the right of risk in the free democratic society, or something like that. (Just for example!)

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