Leslyn Lewis, “A Strong Society Must Encourage, Not Limit Debate”

November 14th, 2020

The skill of debate should really be a virtue.

I wanted to feature these important parts from the full article that you can find [here].

“Everything is now seen through the lens of good guys and bad guys, and being labelled as a bad guy means that you can be fired from your job or kicked out of school, not because of your job performance or your grades, but because of your beliefs. Being “them” means you can be banned from social media, and even ostracized in real life social circles, because your words of disagreement are now treated as actual violence if someone’s feelings are hurt.

Free speech is dying, but there is hope for the human spirit to return to its origin of freedom, free will, free speech and free belief. It starts with a willingness to see information through the lens of truth. We must rebel against the movement to disconnect reality from facts, and return to a society that encourages dialogue and seeks out truth, in the spirit of philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

The human spirit may be muted, but it cannot be silenced. It is intrinsically tied to our freedom to believe and to speak our minds. There is much to learn from discovering that one is wrong or right about any particular subject. A good argument between two people who counter each other’s ideas until both emerge wiser, whether they ultimately end up agreeing or not, is a necessary part of human development and a strong society.”


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