How Canada applies China’s Communist Social Engineering Methods

Canadians have watched in terror as Chinese-branded Communist beliefs and ideas are blatantly thrust upon our society, (and not lightly, or with any sort of stealth).

Not surprisingly, the right to a fair trial does not exist in China. This ‘concept of un-acceptance and disapproval alienation’ is a common theme when looking at mostly all modern-day dictatorships.  If China doesn’t like a certain religious faction or ethnicity, it has historically maintained the power to “get rid of” said minority.

This also holds true for uncooperative citizens, members of opposition parties, and whistleblowers.

CAPFORCANADA’S, Brad Selzberg, provides more context about China’s history;

It was this campaign that caused the deaths of tens of millions and catapulted Mao Zedong into the big league of twentieth-century murderers.
All of the flashing red flags point at justin trudeau actively, (and publicly) attempting to transition canada into a socialist dictatorship, with the help of Communist China.

So, what's the plan?

1. immigration

The Liberal Government recently introduced the “Rural Immigration Pilot Program
CAP says that this is the “brainchild” of ex immigration minister and Somalian refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen, the program ostensibly exists as a “method” to fill employment positions within rural Canada.” And the Anglophone-Canadian communities are the ones getting hit the hardest.
“These people will never buy the communist social engineering program, will not buy Justin’s virtue-signaling deceptions, and are much less likely to vote Liberal,” Selzberg explained, “Same thing for 3rd World Canada? Of course not–and this is very reason why our people are shunned by Trudeau, while the 3rd world is holistically embraced.”

2. Chaos

World leaders have been found to intentionally create confusion, to distract from the “wrong things” they are doing. Justin is no different.

Take, for instance, the Oil & Gas war that he’s proclaimed against Alberta. These disturbances were calculated  social chaos, meant to break down society in preparation for the “New Canadian Order“.

3. Debt

So, this one is two-fold, but is fairly self-explanatory:
A) Personal Debt: Bankrupt every Canadian household.
B) National Debt: Create the largest federal deficit in the history of the world.

4. Bribery

This has mainly been manifested by a steady, and underhanded transitioning of our media outlets, and social precedents.

At one point, Canadian media outlets used to present fairly objective news… that is not the case these days. The CBC has essentially become a propaganda outlet for the corrupt Liberal government, and this fact is more than too obvious to most Canadians.

It’s a well-known fact that the Trudeau Liberal government had given the Canadian Media companies funding in an attempt at bribery. $600 Million initially, and then let’s add the CBC bailout more recently for a couple of billion.

See Justin Trudeau say it himself by clicking [HERE].

These are not small figures for the Liberal government to be spending our tax dollars on. (Even if they are trying to erase all records of CBC funding from Canadian internet as we speak.)

Not to mention, the media are blatantly implicit in covering up the “Great Reset” (by instructions and funding from the United Nations, one could only assume).

5. Military

The initiative also proposes the creation of a new research capability established to analyze and collect information from the social media accounts of Canadians, non-governmental organizations, industry and, the news media, according to the report.  This newspaper reported in July the military had planned a propaganda campaign aimed at heading off civil disobedience by Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic. 
The campaign was to use similar propaganda tactics to those employed against the Afghan population during the war in Afghanistan, including loudspeaker trucks to transmit government messages. The propaganda operation was halted after concerns were raised about the ethics behind such techniques. 
….I can’t imagine why.
The public affairs enhancement plan also calls for harnessing the social media accounts of select Canadian Forces staff to push out pre-approved government and military messages to the public. 
Although the social media activity would be seen to be coming from the personal accounts of military personnel, it would actually be Canadian Forces public affairs officers behind the scenes crafting and coordinating the messages.
So, it looks like Trudeau wants to use our national security forces, to commit domestic terrorism upon the Canadian people in more than one way. If I’m understanding this correctly, it sounds like the military is being instructed to make fake profiles on social media, so they can propagate their ‘Liberal truth’.  
They wouldn’t be trying to “cancel” all of these helpful theories if it weren’t for them having some significance. 
I have a feeling, and all of the signs point towards it simply ‘not going’ with their plan for world domination
Pretty simple, right?!


You can read more about Canada’s involvement with China [here].


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