Germany Appeals On Canada’s Behalf For 2 Michaels’ Release At Final UN Meeting

In breaking news, Global has released that Germany had to advocate on Canada’s behalf internationally, to ask for the release of the 2 Michaels’ at a final UN meeting.

This suggests that our own government refused to, or is incompetitant enough to not even ask China to release Canadians who were wrongly detained (for over two full years).

German officials could see the corruption, and they attempted to help us defend these two Canadians.

Using Chrystia Freeland’s coveted catchphrase, “LET ME BE EXTREMELY CLEAR”:

They are not currently standing up for, Canadians best interests, or trying to keep us safe from other international entities.

This should terrify you.

So again, LET ME BE CLEAR, they lied to us about it being a priority…. This is proof.

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