Don’t worry – They Said It Was Safe

The virus has a 99.98% survival rate (for most people)

CDC Data Shows High Virus Survival Rate: 99%-Plus for Ages 69 and Younger, 94.6% for Older

(September 25th, 2020) Breitbart reported that the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated its estimated Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) parameters “to include age-specific data showing the vast majority of people who contract the Chinese coronavirus survives.

Based on the “Scenario 5: Current Best Estimate” for the IFR, Breitbart News confirmed the updated age-specific survival rates: 0-19 years old, 99.997 percent; 20-49 years old, 99.98 percent; 50-69 years, 99.5 percent; and 70 years old or older, 94.6 percent.”

The vaccine that doesn't combat the virus.

Global News explained on December 8th, 2020 that “the Lancet study gave few extra clues about why efficacy was 62 per cent for trial participants given two full doses, but 90 per cent for a smaller sub-group given a half, then a full dose.”
So, this means that the vaccine has been said to have less than 90% effectivity rate towards reducing the symptoms, and not getting rid of the actual virus.  I mean, why would we want to make sure it does that?!

But don't worry, the facebook fact checkers told you it was safe, and "squashed" all of those articles disproving its safety

(and they totally aren’t being paid for by the same people making money from the vaccine) – it MUST be okay.  
Those “other, crazy” scientists and doctors are totally putting their lives and careers on the line to whistleblow over a conspiracy. That must be what’s happening.
I repeat: They aren’t going to tell us what the survival rate is for the vaccine or complete the proper testing.  They are just changing the minimum requirements for certification of it, not the quality of it.  People are getting hurt as a result, and they are taking zero liability for the consequences. 
Oh, and big tech has teamed up with big pharma to censor the truth from being exposed.  This collaboration between big pharma and big tech, I’m sure would make only Joseph Goebbels proud.

But don't worry, people are only dying, and developing other diseases as a result.

Business Insider said December 13th, 2020, that the “FDA regulators noted a “numerical imbalance” in cases of Bell’s palsy, a condition that temporarily weakens face muscles: There were four cases of Bell’s palsy among the 20,000-plus people who got Pfizer’s vaccine, compared with no cases in the placebo group. But the FDA said this frequency of Bell’s palsy cases among those who got Pfizer’s shot was not any higher than what would be expected for the general population.”

And another link from back in October regarding the massive list of side effects from the multiple different vaccines that are being prepared to be unleashed upon the population: [HERE]

And another more recent link from Decemeber 13th, states, “Canada Needs to Prepare for Rare but Serious Health Problems Resulting from the Covid Vaccine“. 

I have problems with the title of this article – Why are people being warned so heavily of the problems are so “rare”?! 

Why do we need to prepare if it’s been certified as safe? 

But don't worry, it's only 70-90% effective towards REDUCING THE SYMPTOMS.

It won’t get rid of the virus, or solve our problem, but we’ve brainwashed the people into thinking it will grant them access back to their normal lives, so they have no choice but to trust it. We aren’t worried about it.

But don't worry, you'll still possibly be contagious after taking multiple shots of it.

It won’t work with just one shot, so we’ll have to do multiple doses to even reach the 70-90%, and you will likely still be contagious afterwards.. possibly infecting more people under the false pretence of being protected by a vaccine that only reduces the symptoms in the first place. Don’t worry about it. We aren’t worried about it.

But don't worry, the pharmaceutical companies made their money and have zero liability, so you can't sue them if something goes sideways.

Take a look at this article that encompasses the whole “zero liability’ situation quite well.

we need to take a step back, breathe, and think

You people want to take this and are marketing it like it’s the magical solution to all of our problems?!
This is an insult to our intelligence. On every level. They even brainwashed people into doing their bidding for them, by using it as the ultimatum to their ‘release’ and ‘freedom’ from the lockdown.
 This is one of those moments where you need to think for yourself, because your life may depend on it.
Why else do you think they would constantly propagate that the vaccine is the key to our release?
do you trust your immune system? or do you trust big pharma? – that’s what it really comes down to. 
We need to stop this insanity and start using our common sense again; Start being responsible for our own health conditions, start informing ourselves so that we can make life impacting decisions, and stop trusting these big corporate giants to “parent” us. We need to start thinking for ourselves, and informing ourselves.
I mean, we used to be able to trust people to be responsible with their own bodily functions such as basic hygiene, but apparently there’s an entire group of people who think that nobody is capable of doing that any longer for some strange reason.
It’s a virus.  There is really only so much we can do. 

Are we really going to allow them to take all of our bodily rights over what goes into and onto us because of something that is completely out of our control??  Are we really going to trust big corporations, and big pharma with our lives? Our children’s lives?!

Personally, I’m not good with that plan to just “let it happen” to us, and I pray that nobody in my family, or the people I care about go anywhere near this new “solution”. 

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