China’s Social Credit System, Explained and Transcribed

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China’s Social Credit System

Is it like Black Mirror? Not exactly.
[Rated on popularity, whether people like them or not out of 5 stars.]
People are segregated into different social classes based on this score:
–Car rental companies won’t rent to people below a certain score,
–People will judge you for being below a certain threshold, Not invite you to events,
–Companies might reject you for jobs.
This system shown in the tv series relies on people rating each other.

Well, then, is it like the FICO/Equifax credit scores we have now? Not exactly close, either.
[Rated financial trustworthiness.]
This score is intended to give creditors an indication of risk of how likely you are to repay your loan commitments.
This system relies on transaction records.

China’s Social Credit System actually is much, much worse, and has been around since 2014.

In comparison to the above, they utilize and rely on their citizens:


social media activity,

internet history,

health records,

online purchases,

tax payments,

legal matters,

people they associate with,

public shaming “correction methods” and interventions,

and images gathered from one of China’s 200 million cameras with facial recognition software. That is approximately 1 camera for every 7 citizens! Can you imagine?!

Now, we also have to understand – If you are a political dissonant or speak out against the government, you are screwed either way. The communist party of china will just lock you up – or just ‘disappear’ you. This is not a country with a rule of law.

This is more of a system to coerce and influence future behaviour, and to standardize ultimate control over the population.



“Model Citizen”: AAA/AA (1050+ Points – Health Priority)
-Both ratings receive similar benefits, one is more prestigious.

“Mediocre Citizen”: A+/A/A- (960-1029 Points – School Priority)
-Can be entered onto a list to be used as a model for national publicity
-Preferential employment
-Priority enrolment in school
-Priority enrolment in school for your children
-Priority enrolment social assistance; mostly A ratings and up.
If you aren’t a model citizen your kids don’t get to go to good schools. School enrolment is complete non competitive, and preference is based instead of on grades, on your social credit rating, or your parents’. Same goes for employment. Promotions are based on your rating as well.

“Relatively Credit Worthy”: B (850-959 Points – Re-education)
-You get locked into probation for two years at this tier.
-Get visits & lectures from government officials on how to improve your score.

“Not Great”: C (600-849 Points – Government Inspections)
-You get locked in probation for three years at this tier.
-More visits from officials.
-Watching your behaviour more closely.
-You are put on a list: All of your information gets sent to government officials, “a limited audience”

“Not Credit Worthy” D (0-599 Points – National Blacklist)
-You get locked into D for five years at this tier.
-Officials come to visit often.
-No government supports or funding
-All of your information is shared publicly. They publicly disclose your information on your untrustworthiness.
-They can revoke your titles – PhD, scientific discoveries – all erased
-You can’t get a loan.
-You can lose your job if the actions were tied to your job.

(It’s also not a sliding scale, either. If you go out and do something on purpose, you can get sent straight down to D.)

The government basically gave each citizen 1000 starting points as a baseline, being able to go up or down.


There are thousands of actions that can gain or lose you points, but here are just some:

(-10 Points) – Overdraft on bank or credit card.

(+10 Points) – Return lost money; 10,000 RMB or more, to the government

(-50 Points) – Forums, or Blogs to publish and transmit negative information; likely about the government.

(-30 Points) – WeChat Groups to disseminate false speech, incitement, negative information; likely about the government.

(+10 Points) – If you report illegal conduct such as people participating in futile superstition (religion), unlawful construction, environmental pollution, or participation in cult organizations.

(-20 Points) – If you don’t accept the investigations or allow officers to investigate you.

(+3 Points) – Head count in your community to your communist representative. Each community has a communist party “head”, and if you go around and help them get information on all the people that are staying there, and who is currently there, and not there. Keep in mind, you have to register to stay anywhere in China.

(-100 Points) – Tax Evasion

(+10 Points) – Help the community dissolve a major dispute between neighbours

(-10 Points) – Get a traffic fine between 2000 and 5000 RMB (very easy to do, there are speed cameras literally everywhere.)

(-10 Points) – 2 Parking Tickets

(-5 Points) – Set off firecrackers, or dance in a square without properly applying for a permit, playing with a spinning top, and using a high pitched radio horn to produce noise, or raising animals that interfere with other people’s lives.

(-50 Points) – Illegally holding classes outside of CCP knowledge and approval.

(+20 Points) – Help the cops capture criminals or provide evidence.

(-40 Points) – Violate the reproductive planning policies (violating the two child policy), or you don’t allow the government to sterilize you.

(+100 Points) – Donate organs, unpaid.

(-5 Points) – Unauthorized renovation of home.

(+100 Points) – Receive a national level award.

(-100 Points) – Tombstone exceeds the area and height limits.

(+5 Points) – Child joins the army.

(+20 Points) – Child receives a recreational or sports award at the provincial level.

(-5 Points) – If you are ordered to do a self criticism.
If you work in a party or in a company, if you do something wrong, or the boss thinks you did something wrong you have to do a “self criticism”; you have to make a statement or say in front of everybody why you are wrong.

(-10 Points) – If they circulate your criticism in the city newspaper
Seriously, “John was bad because of X reason”, in the newspaper.

(-30 Points) – If they circulate your criticism in the Wehei newspaper.

Within the province of Shandong, you have
Rongcheng (the smaller city), then Wehai (which is the bigger city), and then you have Beijing, which is the capital of China;

In China’s constitution, they have the ability to petition to Beijing, directly to the government if you have a grievance, and it’s not being resolved. Petitioning to the government meaning filing a petition letter.

They are actively trying to stop people from petitioning to higher officials, according to their official points system. They must want people’s problems to be confined to their areas so they can micromanage and control them.

(-10 Points) – Petition a complaint to Wehai, (like, the next ‘up’ city), rather than petitioning to Rongcheng.

(-20 Points) – Petition to a provincial level, like Shandong.

(-50 Points) – Petition directly to Beijing, (even though it’s in the constitution).

Really what the government is using this system for is ultimate government control, almost like a “Jason Bourne”, “Minority Report” system that people will be too scared to do anything in the future, and they’ll know what to avoid.

When you look at the crimes and thing that really take away points on the social credit score system, it tends to be things “against” the government. Speaking out against the government, critical of the government, less so things that actually things that should be changed within Chinese society.

Are your kids being good?
Are you being good?
Are you being good to the government?

It’s not just public shaming for jwalkers.. The implications are much more than that. This completely deletes the grey areas of freedom. Even though it doesn’t have an app like Black Mirror does, the reality of what the social credit score really is, is much more complicated than that, and it’s also much more sinister.

At the same time, China has also paid army nationalist disinformation teams to troll around the internet comment sections to insert disinformation that furthers their political ideologies. They want the rest of the world to think that it’s either exactly like the FICO credit score, or a handy tool to punish criminals.

It’s much bigger than that.

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“Everyone thinks of China’s social credit system as some sort of Black Mirror episode, while others compare it the the FICO score in the USA. It’s much, much more than that. In fact, I found the documents that highlight how it works, and how it affects the people of China. Not only that, but I have spent a lot of time in the first city it was implemented.”

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