CSIS Caught Lying As Ruled In Court, Brings To Question Respect For The Rule Of Law

November 30th, it was reported that a judgement passed on May 15th, 2020 is now being appealed by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. The ruling was regarding operations involving “potentially illegal activities”.

On numerous occasions, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service hid from the court that its warrant requests were based on information it had obtained in violation of the law.

“Federal Court warrants authorizing intrusive surveillance by hiding from the court that the information supporting its warrant requests had been obtained illegally.

According to press reports, Judge Gleeson’s 151-page decision highlighted seven cases where CSIS acted in this manner. But the number of cases was clearly higher, since according to the same reports, the current CSIS director, David Vigneault, had personally approved more than 10 operations involving “potentially illegal activities.”

Just to recap quickly:

Our Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) organization is involved in potentially illegal activities.

That’s heart warming.

But I digress… it gets better…

“This is the third time in recent years that the Federal Court has ruled that CSIS lied to it. In the 2016 Related Data case, the Federal Court concluded that it had unknowingly issued warrants on the basis of information obtained illegally from an extensive metadata collection and retention program.

The case of the illegal terrorist informants involved not only CSIS and government lawyers, but also unnamed top government officials who authorized operations they knew to be illegal. This included senior personnel within the Department of Justice and the Privy Council Office, which directly advises the Prime Minister and oversees the implementation of his decisions.

“The circumstances,” Gleeson continued in his judgment, “raise fundamental questions relating to respect for the rule of law, the oversight of security intelligence activities and the actions of individual decision-makers.

With the blessing of the Justice Department, CSIS persisted in these illegal operations and deliberately concealed them from the court in order to obtain warrants long after the department’s own lawyers had officially determined in January 2017 that they were illegal.

So, they lied. IN COURT. Multiple times.

One can only assume that the RCMP has been paid to stay in their lane and mind their own business.

Otherwise, why are these criminals not behind bars, and roaming free?

Justin Trudeau’s direct advisors clearly do not have a rational grasp on Canadian Law, or human rights in general.

How these people aren’t arrested is completely beyond me.

From the outside looking in, one can only assume there is no other reasonable explanation.

We might as well be in the wild, wild west if we can’t even count on our international intelligence services to tell the truth and follow the law.

This is highly important in this next bit:

“The government appeal is all the more remarkable in that Judge Gleeson did little more than issue a public reprimand to CSIS and their government overseers. He refused to impose any consequences on them for breaking the law and lying to the court. Nor did Judge Gleeson rule that any evidence that the state had obtained illegally should be declared inadmissible in any future court cases. Instead, he developed a pseudo-legal test that gives judges full discretion to accept the evidence if it is in the “interest of the community [because of] the seriousness or imminence of a threat to the security of Canada.”

“Judge Gleeson’s sole “corrective” was to recommend the government order a thorough investigation of CSIS’s adherence to and attitude toward its “duty of candour.”

The desired review will never take place, as evidenced by the federal government’s decision to appeal the judgment rather than order a review of CSIS’s adherence to the law.”

One can only be in complete shock when rationalizing this complete failure of our systems of justice to perform their intended duties.

What happens when the government starts disregarding it own rules?

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