Canadians Against Online Communism – Sign Here!

Please, let’s make this go viral.

It takes less than 30 seconds of your time (if you know your address), and is so extremely important for the future of freedom in our country! This is a letter to YOUR MP based on your address. All you do is put the address, it figures out which MP is yours, and then it sends the pre-written letter against Trudeau’s online censorship on your behalf.

Randy Hillier has done everything for us, and made it super easy.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is crafting legislation that, if approved by Parliament, could make it illegal for social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to host content that the government deems illegal. The government's…
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Trudeau wants fines and jail time for not obeying or agreeing with his communist rule. He doesn’t want us to even be able to question it, just like Communist China. He doesn’t like to be held accountable, and he most definitely doesn’t think the Canadian rule of law applies to him.

He ultimately wants to silence democracy, because democracy is not leaning in his favor. He knows Canadians are fed up, and done with his sorry excuses for governance. So he’s trying to cheat democracy by silencing his opposition, and gaslighting the rest of us into believing lies about his popularity.

He wants to create an unofficial dictatorship, and not have the public clue into what he’s doing.

We are well on our way there. And we can all see what he’s doing.

We can put a stop to this.

There are more of us than them when we all stand up at the same time.

Please guys, just take the 30 seconds to go sign this one.

Offside: we are also now finding out now how far his admiration for their dictatorship really goes, and how much of a reality the “social credit system” is about to become for us Canadians. Once our human rights ‘walls’ come down, they can implement the social credit system here too. Mark my words, that will be what’s next.

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