Canadian Judge Rules in Favor of Pedophile: former Ontario Liberal Party candidate has avoided jail time on a child pornography charge, will instead be on house arrest.

“59-year-old Garry Hawes, a former Liberal Party candidate from Orillia, Ontario has avoided jail time on a child pornography charge. Hawes had been active in the Liberal Party of Canada. He was the Liberal candidate in the riding of Simcoe North in the 2019 federal election. “

The images that were traced to Hawes IP address last year contained children as young as 10 years old. However, Justice Angela McLeod says that Hawes had sought counselling for major depression and showed remorse during the court hearing.”

“I take judicial notice that were Mr. Hawes to be incarcerated, he would not receive any treatment or counselling in a provincial institution. If he remains in the community, he will continue with his psychiatric treatment. This serves to address the safety of the community in the long run,” wrote Justice McLeod. “I find that the circumstances of this defendant and of his crime (such a low number of images) are indeed exceptional.

He will instead be on house arrest. He was given a 240-day conditional sentence and 24 months probation in a Thursday sentencing. Orillia Matters reports the Crown had asked for a 90-day jail sentence. Under the sentence, Hawes will be forced to remain on his property with some exemptions like medical and legal appointments and work. He will also have his internet restricted and he cannot communicate with those under the age of 16. The Post Millennial broke the story, January 22nd, 2021.

The hard reality of the contents of this ruling suggest that we are on the sick, and twisted pathway towards the normalization of pedophilia in our society.

Think about it. Just for instance, according to a [now removed] tweet by Alex Mazzara, (a student in San Diego), the topic of pedophilia as a sexual orientation was already being brought up in classrooms in September of 2019.

According to Mazzara, his class began discussing this as a topic after they were put through watching an eight-minute video from Vice News that featured a “showcasing” of “self-identified pedophiles.”

“An actual topic we discussed in class today at a State University after watching an 8 minute Vice News video showcasing self identified pedophiles. This is going to be mainstreamed,” tweeted Mazzara.

Mazzara went on to say how some of the students described pedophilia in class. “Some people agreed that it was a sexual orientation because they “were born that way and can’t help it” others disagreed only because they feared that labeling pedophilia a sexual orientation would harm gays and lesbians because they would then be on the same level,” he responded.

Mazzara also tweeted that his tweet attracted the anger of a lot of pedophiles, who had been dominating his mentions since the tweet went out. “I’ve had out and proud pedophiles in my mentions for 2 days now. There are entire communities of these people who promote their filth publicly. Sadly I’d predict this is going mainstream in the next 10 years,” said Mazzara.

OPINION: Okay, and now I’m going to say it. Loud and clear.

Pedophilia is no different than acting on murder, or cannibalism. It should be treated as such.

It IS NOT a treatable mental condition. It IS NOT a forgivable act. It IS NOT a sexual preference, and it IS NOT an age dysphoria. This is what the monsters at the top of the food chain would have us all believe.

This is a chilling reality that we need to start paying attention to, and standing up to in our daily lives. It’s happening right here at home, and we have an opportunity to stop it. They are using the courts, the schools, and the media to propagate us into believing that pedophilia is a “mental condition”, or a “sexual preference”, or an “age dysphoria”.

Tell them “Absolutely, and unequivocally, not happening – No.”

These are unacceptable lies which are now being played out live-drama in our courtrooms, with our government officials, right now. The people who are in power ‘at the top’ are in favor of pedophilia, and they want to distort our social acceptance of it. Pay attention, this has been ongoing for years, but just recently has broken to the mainstream.

When a person is raped or molested, it takes a literal piece of their soul away. That person will never be the same again. They will never function the same again. They will never experience life the same way again. They will never be themselves again. It takes decades from the victim’s life to figure out how to cope (if they ever do) with the incident that sometimes only took minutes to commit, and was of no choice of their own. Their lives are split into two segments; Before the abuse, and after the abuse. It’s completely earth shattering, even as an adult. Statistically speaking, most victims continue on to live lives of addictions and high risk behaviours.

It’s especially, and so much more extremely worse when it involves children, because it constitutes taking advantage of their naivety, and stealing their youth in the same process, (in addition to the various kind of rape the pedophiles are already committing). These predators are making a choice to take advantage of children for their own personal and sexual gratification. It is a choice – a warped, mentally-beyond-repair, sick, twisted, only-could-be-possessed-by-a-demon choice.

If my word isn’t good enough for you, watch this episode of 60 Minutes Australia. Fast forward to 8:00 minutes in.

Did you hear them try to market it as a sexual preference? Did you catch that?

One could argue that it’s like trying to amount premeditated murder of a child to being a treatable mental condition, or cannibalism just being a variation of “diet preference”, like being a vegetarian.

Canadian’s – do not allow this to become the new normal. This can’t be our ‘new normal’.

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