Bought By Canadian Government in 2020: Ammunition, Explosives, and Traffic Checkpoint System

Original Article from November 19th, 2020.

All information was found by searching in our Canadian public tender/bid database, which can be found here: 


Soft Body Armour, Carrier, Internal, Flat & Female Panels
2020-05-20 (M7594-202145/002/PR) (38,224 Units) CAD$ 554,152.00
2020-05-20 (M7594-202145/001/PR) (605 Units) CAD$ 769,299.48
Soft Body Armour Systems
2020-05-15 (W3048-19KE74/001/KIN) (1 Units) CAD$ 1, 161,668.84
Helmets and ballistic Eyewear kits
2020-01-22 (08843-190111/001/PR) (600 Units) CAD$ 88,479.00
Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment
2020-10-07 (W8482-206551/001/FX) GBP$ 9, 300,000.00
Night Vision Monoculars N5855: Equipment, Emitted and Reflected Radiation20
20/02/20 (F4702-190007/001/MCT) CAD$ 51,865.00
2020/10/23 (W8482-218402/A) (400 Units)
Defibrillators(Contract: Zoll Medical)
(W6369-21A059/001/PET) CAD$ 6,390827.97 
Image Intensifier and Thermal Imager, Night Vision
2020/12/16 (W8476-196083/001/BK) (468 Units) CAD$ 2,788,975.00
Bullet resistant and forced entry windows and doors
2020/12/16 (08834-200071/001/HN) (3 Units) CAD$ 2,916,000.00
Radio Transceivers and Transmitter-Receiver, Marine 

2020/11/24 (F4750-200005/001/MCT) CAD$ 1,950,000.00

Radio Frequency Analyzer Equipment
2020/11/30 (W6448-21C073/001/KIN) (1 Unit) CAD$ 99,691.44
2020/12/15 (W6448-21C073/002/KIN) (1 Unit) CAD$ 99,917.45
Underwater Sound Equipment
2020/12/17 (F7068-200171/001/HAL) CAD$ 109,539.80
2020/11/26(F7044-200140/001/XLV) CAD$ 1,495,000.00
Uncooled Inline Thermal Weapon Sight
2020/09/18 (W3048-21KJ18/004/KIN) No $ Value Given


RCMP Specialty Trucks – Edmonton, Alberta
2020/10/20 (M5000-203677/A) The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) T Division has a requirement for the supply and delivery of up to four conventional one-ton crew cab and chassis, single rear wheel truck with a specialty box designed to transport K9s to various locations across Canada. This vehicle will be used in all weather conditions and must be able to provide livable conditions for the K9s. The truck will be delivered to the RCMP in Edmonton, Alberta. (4 Units) CAD$ 293,422.50
Armoured Sports Utility Vehicle ASUV VR9
2020-10-07 (M9062-211898/001/HP) (4 Units) CAD$ 944,000.00
Armoured Sport Utility Vehicles
2020-11-03 (W6399-21LE69/001/HP) (4 Units) CAD$ 1, 091,000.00

12.0 – 13.7m Boat – Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) 2020/12/08 (F7044-200053/001/MC) CAD$ 1,091,818.05

Welded Aluminum Workboat (EP168-202602/001/MC) CAN$ 850,876.70

Hovercrafts 2020-12-11 (3Y004-200063/001/NCS) CAN$ 557,903.60

DFO – 6.09 to 6.2m aluminium hull, Jet Boats (F1045-200084/001/XLV) CAD$ 275,310.00

Utility Terrain Vehicles (E60HS-20UTVS/004/HS) 2020/11/26 CAD$ $75,000.00

GUNS = $106,705,612.24

GUNS, THROUGH 30MM, unless installed in a vehicle, aircraft, ship
2020-11-04 (W8486-207050/001/BM) (Contract) CAD$ 1,130,000.00
2020-01-02 (21120-207059/001/BM) (Contract) CAD$ 75,685.19
2020-01-22(W8476-196006/001/BM) ( 8,790 Units) CAD$ 96,973,144.48
2020-02-28(W8476-196088/001/BM) ( 1,771 Units) CAD$ 1,995,597.44
2020-04-17(W8476-196088/002/BM) ( 7,384 Units) CAD$ 6,531,185.13
2020-07-03(W8486-207031/001/BM) (24,018 Units) CAD$ 496 372.00
GUNS, 75MM – 125MM, unless installed in a vehicle, aircraft, ship
2020-03-06 (W8486-195390/001/BM) ( 5 Units) CAD$ 0.00
2020-06-18 (W8486-206119/001/BM) ( 14 Units) EUR$ 1,035,514.00

GENERAL AMMUNITION = $222,187,809.32

2020-04-08 (202006139 / 7243088) CAD $ N/?A
GRENADES = $4,883,449.51
2020-03-05 (W8486-20XA13/001/BK) (23,616 Units) CAD$ 1,287,028.31
2020-06-16 (W8486-20XA41/001/BK) (24,001 Units) CAD$ 1,859,429.69
2020-06-16 (W8486-20XA40/001/BK) (24,001 Units) CAD$ 1,736,991.51
2020-12-15 (W8486-21XA25/001/BK) (25,200 Units) CAD$ 1,875,429.36
2020-12-15 (W8486-21XA24/001/BK) (25,200 Units) CAD$ 1,948,612.68
2020-12-15 (W8486-21XA23/001/BK) (25,200 Units) CAD$ 1,874,859.84
2020-12-15 (W8486-21XA22/001/BK) (9,800 Units) CAD$ 782,156.62


Specialized Ammunition Handling and Servicing Equipment
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA36/001/BK) CAD$ 3,099,799.57
Small Arms Ammunition INCINERATOR
2020-03-06 (W8476-196049/001/BK) ( 8 Units) CAD$ 3,728,243.00
Down Draft Table with Self Contained Lead Dust Collection and Filtration System for Small Arms Brass Sorting
2020-11-03 (W8476-216386/001/AE) CAD$ 19,687.5

MISC. AMMUNITION = $85,341,626.94

2020-01-10 (W3524-20BC04/001/BK) (2 Units) CAD$ 1 0,175,092.34
2020-02-17 (W3524-20BC03/001/BK) (3 Units) CAD$ 2,430,476.07
2020-03-05 (W3524-20BC02/001/BK) (3 Units) CAD$ 1 8,268,844.00
2020-03-05 (W8486-20XA19/001/BK) (2 Units) CAD$ 6,825,556.37
2020-03-11 (W3524-20BC01/001/BK) (3 Units) CAD$ 4 7,641,657.51

AMMUNITION, THROUGH 30 MM = $51,612,014.76

2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA10/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 5,223,262.74
2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA09/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 2,115,296.62
2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA08/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 854,357.18
2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA07/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 1,645,348.47
2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA06/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 1,016,133.29
2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA05/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 402,790.06
2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA04/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 4,617,240.39
2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA03/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 5,781,107.82
2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA02/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 4,890,346.43
2020-03-04 (W8486-20XA01/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 4,406,333.10
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA34/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 5,720,029.25
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA35/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 45,625.51
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA26/001/BK) (1 Unit) CAD$ 5,328,497.04
2020-03-24 (W8486-20XA23/001/BK) ( 500,000 Units) CAD$ 338,026.50
2020-03-24 (W8486-20XA22/001/BK) ( 57,000 Units) CAD$ 38,535.02
2020-03-24 (W8486-20XA21/001/BK) ( 354,330 Units) CAD$ 316,950.13
2020-03-24 (W8486-20XA20/001/BK) ( 749,580 Units) CAD$ 670,503.43
2020-03-30 (W6399-20LA91/001/BK) (2,276,501 Units) CAD$ 242,639.79
2020-03-30 (W6399-20LB10/001/BK) (9,172,800 Units) CAD$ 1,316,194.07
2020-07-08 (W6399-20LD38/001/BK) (1,800,000 Units) CAD$ 1,409,562.00
2020-10-01 (W8484-19XA29/001/BK) ( 235,250 Units) CAD$ 3,751,409.46
2020-11-13 (W8476-20BC01/001/BK) ( 13,630 Units) CAD$ 278,696.46
2020-06-01 (W6399-20LA31/001/USW)( 883,200 Units) USD$ 1,203,130.00

AMMUNITION, OVER 30MM UP TO 75MM = $25,637,225.62

2020-03-05 (W8486-20XA12/001/BK) ( 91,008 Units) CAD$ 1 1,290,224.54
2020-03-05 (W8486-20XA11/001/BK) ( 86,004 Units) CAD$ 3,287,863.04
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA27/001/BK) (210,116 Units) CAD$ 1 1,059,138.04

AMMUNITION, 75MM THROUGH 125MM = $38,120,950.44

2020-03-05 (W8486-20XA31/001/BK) ( 1,000 Units) CAD$ 4,955,307.52
2020-03-05 (W8486-20XA30/001/BK) ( 4,000 Units) CAD$ 8,808,004.80
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA29/001/BK) ( 12,800 Units) CAD$ 8,827,136.64
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA28/001/BK) ( 20,001 Units) CAD$ 1 1,968,346.13
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA17/001/BK) ( 2,730 Units) CAD$ 497,910.63
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA16/001/BK) ( 17,200 Units) CAD$ 3,064,244.72

AMMUNITION, OVER 125MM = $8,066,273.48

2020-03-05 (W8486-20XA32/001/BK) ( 4,000 Units) CAD$ 4,235,219.10
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA25/001/BK) ( 4,400 Units) CAD$ 3,831,054.38


2020-10-27 (M8500-20R011/001/CAL) (Contract) CAD$ 200,000.00
2020-10-01 (M8500-19R045/001/STN) (Contract) USD$ 1, 478,538.50

EXPLOSIVES = $83,708,475.58

Guided Missile Warheads and Explosive Components 
2020-09-25 (W8472-165645/006/USW) CAD$ 80, 311,620.14
Guided Missiles
2020-12-07 (W8482-217803/001/USW) (2 Units) CAD$ 4,000,000.00

2020-11-25 (W8482-217802/001/USW) (4 Units) USD$ 11,559,067.00 

Bulk Explosives 
2020-11-18 (W7702-216242/001/EDM) CAD$ 93,730.00
Explosives, Narcotics Detector 
2020-04-24 (W0135-192951/001/PET) CAN$ 44,703.04
Dummy Cap Blasting 
2020-02-20 (W8486-195061/001/BK) CAD$ 1, 950,183.50
Demolition Materials
2020-03-06 (W8486-20XA18/001/BK) CAD$ 1, 308,238.90


Alarm, Signal, and Security Detection Systems , Miscellaneous
2020-01-07 (31028-200451/001/MCT) CAD$ 27 259.91
2020-01-10 (21120-206353/001/SI) CAD$ 172 462.50
Alarm and Signal Systems
2020-10-14 (19364-200043/001/HN) CAD$ 48 603.45
Access Control System 
2020-10-13 (0D160-204228/001/HN) CAD$ 507 263.78
Radar Equipment, Except Airborne  
2020-12-10(W8486-195285/001/QF) CAN$ 3,448,500.00
2020/11/26 (W8485-205699/001/QF) USD$ 861,828.00
Miscellaneous Communications Equipment 
2020-12-17 (F7048-200106/001/QF) CAN$ 143,220.00
Digitally Aided Close Air Support 
2020-12-17 (W6399-19KF50/001/QD) USD$ 2,500,000.00 
Media Monitoring Services 


So, then we come to this. This is the one that especially concerns me, personally. If you take a look through this document, pay special attention to the photo illustration on page 132.  Although they don’t outright say it, this would be perfect for travel checkpoints between cities and regions for their allegedly planned lockdowns and to continue using this system afterwards.

[scroll down to page 58-68 to see the rest of what I’m talking about]


Let's take a further look at this.

[1.1] The 10 year contract bid (which closes December 15th) is for a ‘Transport Canada National Electronic Solution’ for the workflow system to capture data related to major enforcement/investigations within the transportation sector. They will call it “MISS Solution”. 


  • The MISS Solution will have approximately 125 licenses, and 650 users.
  • The motivation behind the project: [2.3] “the CEE recommended in 2015, that the need to significantly enhance the Departments ability to conduct investigations was both urgent, and critical.”
  • Currently the CEE has the ability to provide trained investigators to support their major case investigations, but they were using paper methods that were quote “inefficient, archaic, and potentially ineffective paper based systems”. This lack of software solution coupled with *high sensitive evidence* is to blame [- apparently.]

They also say further down in the document that the system will enable them to have Improved Enforcement Capabilities. [3.3]


1. INTEGRATES INFORMATION between jurisdictions entities, courts, and corrections, “collaborating horizontally, and vertically” as they state.   [ This has high potential to be misused by low level public enforcement agencies. ]
2. CONTROLS ACCESS to that information by enforcing a SECURE ROLE-BASED access CONTROL which reflects the individuals’ roles and responsibilities. [ They are basically saying that Trudeau would have the master Access Key, and be able to determine what parts of our system everyone else can access and see. This has extremely high potential to be misused by the highest levels of government. ]
3. SYSTEMATIC SEARCH FUNCTIONS, including transformation and routing of REDACTED INFO, to assist in the enforcement and investigation of data. [ Searching redacted information?? ]
4. MANAGES ASSETS and their components, ranging from guns and vehicles to digital evidence presentations, while also maintaining INVENTORY OF resource skills, availability, and location. [3.1.2] [ This is pretty strange.. it doesn’t say if these are private or public assets. Are they just going to inventory every gun and vehicle in Canada, label them as “their inventory” and put them in the system for tracking?? ]
5. Comprehensive FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT[ What this has to do with the transport regulation agencies, is beyond me… Are they going to have everyone’s financials in the same system?? ]
6. Build/manage ENTERPRISE RECORDS conforming to legislation, operational and intelligence requirements. [3.1.3] [ Are they implying economic and company records?? ] 
7. Facilitate the PROACTIVE identification of OPPORTUNITIES for detection, prevention, and disruption of investigations or where criminal and terrorist activity is indicated. [3.1.4] [ Not only does Trudeau get this masterpass system, they have AI within the system that will actively search out people who are committing offenses. …Now, this doesn’t seem like such an insignificant system only used by the traffic authorities anymore, does it? Something is seriously off about this. ] 
8. [1.4-g] The “software will be configurable and capable to readily revise to accommodate changing business needs”, and, [1.4-h] “It will be provided in a way be configurable to the specific needs and processes via GUI or Backend of each business model within transport Canada that they work, without impacting the configuration required by other business units.” [ You will notice, they overcompensated too far on their wording a bit too far. (“Paper is inefficient and archaic” – > clearly. We can use the US election for example there *insert eyeroll*) So, they want a backdoor to be able to change each individual licensed system, so that it is independently configurable. Makes sense to a point, makes me nervous that Trudeau has the master key. ]


They’ve got Aviation Safety/Security, Intermodal Surface Security Oversight, Marine Safety/Security, Motor Vehicle Safety, Navigable Waters Protection, Rail Safety, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Office of Incident Management; and then they also have listed:

->>**Emergency Management Branch – ?? (- so, Canada’s v. FEMA?)

->>**Centre of Enforcement Expertise – ?? (- so, Canada’s v. Homeland Security?)

[ I looked up this “CEE” entity, and weirdly enough, I can’t find ANY information about them. Only the U.S. version of the similar name… if anyone has any leads on these, please let me know!! It’s a bit freaky I can’t find them on the internet. ]

[2.2] The outcome of an investigation, they say “typically leads to charges, sanctions, and/or penalties against the individuals which are then possibly followed up by court proceedings or the TATC Tribunal.” 

[2.3] These investigations may result in a mandated enforcement action under a wide range of regulatory authorities.


External Stakeholders

[ – The wording on this next section is just creepy. ] 

Department of Justice/Courts/Prosecutors, “The department of Justice, courts and prosecutors are interested in the best outcomes of criminal prosecutions. They WILL BE SUPPORTIVE of MISS as it will facilitate timely and complete disclosure of information, which will reduce the risk of liability or dismissal due to incomplete disclosure”

Other Police Agencies, Shared Services Canada. This is described as “either the IT infrastructure provider or as the Cloud broker, SSC could influence implementation schedule and costs; however a solution architecture and design is not directly influenced. [ so… China’s Huawei? ] It also lists the Public Service Procurement Canada (formerly Services Canada), Treasury Board (GCEARB),  Federal,  Provincial,  Municipal Governments,  Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada


  • Phase 1 (Project Initiation) Approval – Starts: December ’20 Ends: December ’20 
  • Phase 2 (Project Planning) Resolve Issues – Starts December ’20 Ends: December 20′ 
  • Phase 3 (Execution) Control Management Support – Starts: January ’21 Ends: Sept ’21 
  • Phase 4 (Deployment) and Support – Starts: October ’21 Ends: Sept ’24

Internal Stakeholders

– Motor Vehicle Safety will test during proof of concept stage. This group is piloting the software with designs for their own needs and will have no impact on the current MISS Solution.

– The Civil Aviation Safety Enforcement will be the first “user” to implement the system.

– Primary Users: Regional Enforcement Units (REU), Surge Capacity Team (SCT), Investigation Services Division (ISD)

– Will Provide some inspectors (FTE) to complement the REU teams: Aviation Security, Marine Safety, Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TGD), Rail Safety

– Finance: Administrative Monetary Penalty Collections will perform collection duties for outstanding AMP’s.

– Human Resources will provide staff as required.

The potential behind this system to have universal access and the ability to misuse it, is incredibly concerning.
  • Department of National Defence – 2020 Transportation Source Lists 

Air Passenger Full Charter – Contract  award dates: 2020/11/19 Publication dates: 2020/12/10 – No $ Values Given.

Now, these next ones say “cancelled”, however, they are also slapped with an “awarded” notice at the top. Uncertain if these were cancelled and then it automatically assigned it to be “awarded” or if the contract was in fact not cancelled.

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