Whistleblower Shocks Canadians with Liberal Plan for 2021

Original Article Published: October 28th, 2020 

The following article embedded was from an anonymous member of the current liberal party in Canada that is allegedly whistle-blowing.  This ‘anonymous person’ is sending out the most  terrifying warning I’ve ever read in my life, hands down. This would be completely life altering and earth shattering for every single Canadian if true, without question.  

Incidentally, there is also a wealth of supporting evidence revealing that these claims are being played out right in front of our eyes. I’ll just jump into it.

First we will take a look at the predicted events in the whistleblower’s letter that have already happened, the parts that have been confirmed with solid evidence to be taking place, and then we will go over the predicted events in these coming months, including the original letter and a calendar so you can follow along.

The things that have happened/been proven already:

In my opinion, we might be foolish to wait it out, and see if this is true or not; we might actually want to do something, and quickly if there is even a chance  of this being true.

#1: In November 2020 lockdowns to sweep across Canada starting at all major metropolitan areas.

(Oct. 26th), Bloomberg: “Ontario to unveil budget date, plans for rolling lockdowns as COVID-19 cases climb”

(Nov. 3rd), CTV:  “Toronto businesses voice concern about Ontario’s new tiered lockdown system”

(Nov. 20th), Bloomberg: Canadian Businesses Brace for More Shutdowns with Virus Surging”.  – Ontario implementing rules similar to March’s restrictions, and that  British Columbia mandated masks, broadened travel restrictions.

(Nov. 20th) Arctic Lockdown: COVID-19 Climbs In Canada’s Far North

(Nov. 21st) Canada: Toronto goes into lockdown again

*This claim came true *

This is exactly what has happened.  

I’ll spare you the giant list of obvious examples. 

They specifically mention the plan for ‘rolling lockdowns’ in the articles. They want it starting in Toronto on October 26th, and expanding outwards.  

Right on schedule.


(Nov. 16th) Canadian military’s plan to use ‘propaganda’ on public to achieve COVID lockdown compliance is shut down – The strategy was to manipulate the ‘attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of Canadians’ with tactics that included loudspeaker trucks blasting government messages.”

#2 by the end of November 2020 cases to surge beyond capacity of testing, and are to experience a drastic increase in deaths.

I’ve been taking note of the numbers from the Alberta Website, and most recently the Canada.ca website, and I can tell you with full confidence, that these numbers are being manipulated.  I’ve gone over, and over again, and the numbers never seem to add up.  They conveniently are always a perfect 100 case count off, or “being updated” and then unexplainable numbers materialize.  Then the system goes offline.  It really is just getting worse by the day, and the numbers are jumping all over the place. 

See my other articles with documented proof regarding this, [HERE-1] and [HERE-2].  It seems as though they are purposely making it impossible to mathematically track, and are making some very strange backdated changes.

Our own government even admitted as much here: Tune in at 7:58 mark.  The Globe and Mail asked why the Public Health Agency of Canada is not including Alberta testing in national numbers anymore due to being artificially inflated?! Busted!

* this claim came true, fraudulently or not. *

Based on these numbers projecting the way they are, this claim is being considered as  “true”, as we are now on November 25th (date of update to article), and cases are sky-rocketing through the roof for some inexplicable reason. 

[Update December 11th: Yep, for sure, it’s true.  This is what is happening.]

3: in December 2020 rushed production of "isolation facilties" across every province and every territory.

Changing Laws: Indefinite Detention

 They are also changing laws to ensure that we can indefinitely be detained there as well.  This is sounding more and more like a nightmare as we go along. And the scary reality is that our government is currently aligning with every single one of these goals either ahead, or right on schedule.

Check out this lawyer’s explanation of the laws that were most recently rushed through  in Alberta… this is a good one. 

You can find the PDF Version of the Alberta Provincial Administrative Penalties Act [HERE]

Also keep in mind that we have a Conservative government in Alberta who rushed through these bills, and it was in a hell of a hurry.  I would imagine they are all making similar changes in every province to align with the common Agenda 2030 goals.  

Don’t forget to comment below if you’ve noticed any strange changes of laws in your province! 


*This claim came true*

#5: beginning of q1 2021 universal basic income introduced & available.

This one started early in the East with the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Program, which you can find a link to [HERE].   

The Christian Science Monitor posted a very well sourced and written article on the events regarding UBI in quite a bit of detail:  highly recommended Universal Basic Income article [click here].

 As if personal basic universal income wasn’t enough, it now looks as though they are attempting to takeover people’s businesses, as well.  The Department of Finance of Canada also just announced on November 5th their new program: ‘Lockdown Support for Businesses Facing Significant Public Health Restrictions:

“On October 9, the government proposed a top-up under the new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy to provide additional support while they face lockdowns.  The new Lockdown Support would be available retroactive to September 27, 2020, until June 2021, during periods when businesses are facing eligible public health restrictions. The government is providing the proposed details for the first 12 weeks of the program, until December 19, 2020.  The proposed program would align with many aspects of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy to provide a simple, easy-to-understand program directly to renters and property owners.”

*this claim is projecting to come true*​

#6: By February 2021: second mutated virus, "Covid-21"

UPDATE: This one has started early. November 18th the UK Sun reported that there was a new strain that spread 5x faster, and would make contact tracing impossible. 


Business Insider explained earlier, 

But many scientists are urging calm in the face of this news, since new strains aren’t necessarily more dangerous or contagious than the original.”

The UK Mirror said (December 14th, 2020), 

“Initial analysis suggests that this variant is growing faster than the existing variance. We’ve currently identified over a thousand cases with this variant, predominantly in the south of England, although cases have been identified in nearly 60 different local authority areas and numbers are increasing rapidly,” he said. 
Hancock announced more restrictions on gatherings that will take effect in certain areas Wednesday.”

“Over the last few days, thanks to our world-class genomic capability in the UK, we have identified a new variant of coronavirus which may be associated with the faster spread in the South of England.  He told Sky News: “I don’t think it is faster spread, is it more a case of it is more predominant. That is the strain that wishes to circulate in our population.”

*This claim is now fully come true*

And finally, the (semi) original document.

THESE CONTENT OF  THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. DISCLAIMER: Screenshots have been taken and re-posted for personal archiving purposes, in an attempt to avoid data loss due to the extreme governmental  censorship.  YOU CAN ALSO SEE ORIGINAL PUBLISHED ARTICLE AT:   TheCanadianReport.ca published October 14th, 2020.

So that's what's happened so far.
still yet to come:

The Predictions for 2021 still yet to come:

#7: From Q1-Q2 2021:   hospitalizations exceed care facilities

#8: In Q2 2021:   full travel restrictions (including interprovincial, and intercity), and an “enhanced lockdown” 

#9: In Q2 2021:   Universal Basic Income fully Implemented

#10: Late Q2 2021:   supply chain breakdowns

#11: By Q3 2021:   military deployed to establish travel checkpoints in all major cities, and “assist in logistics in the area”

Once they have completed these, in order to offset an “essential economic collapse on an international scale” the federal government is going to offer Canadians total debt relief.


  • The Federal government will offer to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards etc) which all funding will be provided to Canada under the “IMF World Debt Reset Program.” (Which is actually a real program I found out upon further investigation.)

So, naturally, [me, being me], I took it upon myself to create a calendar:

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be watching this calendar like a hawk. If this starts ringing true, and we can track it, even betterI’ll be watching it. 

…So far, I’ve got nothing but “bad feelings” in the pit of my stomach about this whole situation coming to fruition. We’ve been watching it come to fruition these past couple of months, and it is going according to this plan, perfectly. 


One also has to question though, At which point in their plan will you be comfortable with admitting that this might be the legitimate plan?  What would you do if it was?

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.  You can only throw your hands up in the air, baffled at how we’ve already travelled from #1-#7 of their plan, yet nobody is batting an eye.  

Not to mention, the vast majority still aren’t believing the people who said that this wasn’t a conspiracy, and that this would happen.  It’s happened, is happening, and we are more than halfway through their agenda.  In retrospect, this is all a bit surreal.  When I started writing this, we hadn’t completed any of the steps, so,  I’ve been updating as we go along in time.

Every-time I come back to update this story, there is more to add, and we’ve gone further along.  Their plan is legitimately almost completed, and people still have yet to consider the gravity of the situation, or consider that this could be real. 

[Instead, they are still calling each-other conspiracy theorists, and trying to pick fights online with people who don’t agree with the government. It’s utter insanity.]

I guess, The question should really be: “Are you going to wake up at step #seven, #eight, #nine, #ten, or #eleven?”

If this plan is true, we won’t be left with much of a choice soon.  And, as the evidence piles up that this was a legitimate threat to our great nation – I really encourage you to take a second, reflect, and personally ponder what is allowing them to achieve these insane goalmarks, and how they are manipulating the masses into playing into their larger scheme of things.  

I also encourage you to take a solid gander at who you think funds our mainstream media here in Canada. You might be surprised at some of the answers if you haven’t ventured that far down the rabbit hole as of yet.  


12/11 –   See Full Story and download the files at www.TheChinaFiles.com – THIS. IS. HUGE.  It will get it’s own dedicated post, but I wanted to  add this to the ongoing update – This is treason!  (And these are official government documents!)

Related Video Clip

(12/07) Tucker Carlson explains this whole “China dynamic” quite well in respect to American politics, but keep in mind that the same things he is saying about the United States (and them being targeted by Chinese Communist Party infiltration) can fully be applied to Canadian politics and infrastructure as well. I’m starting to think that they’ve succeeded in Canada to do what Tucker Carlson is trying to prevent in the United States Liberals. 

Be on high alert.  The Chinese  aren’t “on their way”… they have already infiltrated our nation from within by the sound of it.  Listen to what he has to say about China’s intent upon western nations:

My heart seriously dropped through my stomach as I was reading through all of this, to be perfectly honest.  It’s all too real, and it’s appearing to be coming true, even though the Canadian government dismissed it as a conspiracy.  Just goes to show that we need to be paying attention, and holding them accountable to make sure that this plan doesn’t succeed.

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