Antrim Michigan Forensics Report

This report focuses solely on Antrim County, where the drama started on election night. Judge Kevin Elsenheimer authorized the public release of the audit. It takes a closer look at the voting operation system used to count the ballots in Antrim County. The audit is a result of the lawsuit filed by Antrim County resident Bill Bailey.

The next morning it was reported the results were flipped in error and the winner was actually Donald Trump. The county clerk later said it was human error, and not machine, that led to the mix-up. While the county clerk stated that the election night result of the vote flip was human error, ASOG says it’s instead due to “machine error built into the voting software designed to create error.” The audit revealed that “of the 15,676 (lines or events) there were a total of 10,667 critical errors/warnings or a 68.05% error rate.” Later in the report, ASOG says, “These are not human errors; this is definitively related to the software and software configurations resulting in error rates far beyond the thresholds listed in the guidelines.

ASOG concludes, “The Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.” And adds, “The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors.

Also according to ASOG, “The Election Event Designer Log shows that Dominion ImageCast Precinct Cards were programmed with new ballot programming on 10/23/2020 and then again after the election on 11/05/2020…. In accordance with the Help America Vote Act, this violates the 90-day Safe Harbor Period which prohibits changes to election systems, registries, hardware/software updates without undergoing re-certification. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures – Michigan requires full compliance with federal standards.

Antrim Audit Ballots

They cite three different vote counts done on different days, each time showing a change in votes for Biden, Trump, and a swing in the overall vote total.

The audit states that computer analysis shows that “On November 21, 2020, an unauthorized user unsuccessfully attempted to zero out election results. This demonstrates … direct proof of an attempt to tamper with evidence.

The audit also claims the Dominion machines have the ability to be connected to the internet, when it argues that “best practice is to disable the network interface card to avoid connection to the internet. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity… because certain files have been deleted.

ASOG also states that “All server security logs prior to 11:03 pm on November 4, 2020 are missing. This means that all security logs for the day after the election, on election day, and prior to election day are gone. Security logs are very important to an audit trail, forensics, and for detecting advanced persistent threats and outside attacks, especially on systems with outdated system files.

The audit also says Antrim County’s computer security is out of date, in violation of state and federal standards. “Antrim County failed to properly update its system.” Antrim County “Antivirus is 4.5 years outdated …Windows updates are 3.86 years out of date… When computer was last configured on 04/10/2019 the windows updates were 2.11 years out of date. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.”

ASOG concludes their summary by saying that “research is ongoing. However, based on the preliminary results, we conclude that the errors are so significant that they call into question the integrity and legitimacy of the results in the Antrim County 2020 election to the point that the results are not certifiable. Because the same machines and software are used in 48 other counties in Michigan, this casts doubt on the integrity of the entire election in the state of Michigan.

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