Another Overlooked Trudeau Scandal; Involving Sex Trafficking

One two separate occasions of Facetime, Trudeau was found to have ties and to an active member of a Chinese Alliance who was allegedly hosting an illegal casino operation out of his Toronto mansion regularly.
You know, before the raid.

This was a really in depth well written article.  Forgive my paraphrasing.  Just trying to explain the bare minimum you would need to understand what happened, and how it involved the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Yongtao Chen, chairman of the Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations (CACA)

Vancouver, Bc – Aug 2018

The alliance is a pro-Beijing umbrella group that says it represents about 100 Chinese community associations across Canada and works with Chinese state officials to build mutually beneficial ties between the two nations.

Canadian intelligence sources suspect the organization is part of a network directed from Beijing to undertake both legal and illegal tasks abroad, reported Global.

When Chen hung the banner of the CACA and accepted his position as chairman, some 400 people were in the crowd at the gala, including China’s top consular officials in B.C. and Canadian politicians from all levels of government

Global said, “Chen pledged to build ties between community groups in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal and “unite entrepreneurs” under the alliance’s banner.”

Wei Wei

Markham, ON – 2020

Wei Wei was Yongtao Chen’s business partner, a real estate tycoon. Two years later, Wei is facing multiple criminal charges in relation to allegations that he was running illegal gambling operations out of his massive marble-floored 53-room mansion.

Global said, “According to law enforcement sources, the business and political ties of some CACA leaders like Wei and Yongtao Chen are of increasing concern for Canada’s national security as RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service investigators probe networks they believe may involve the hidden hand of the Chinese state and organized crime.”

Global’s sources also say they see numerous shocking links between China-based transnational cartels operating in Vancouver and Toronto, and numerous underground casinos believed to be laundering drug cash in mansions in the suburbs of Richmond and Markham.

Det. Sgt. Ahmad Salhia of York’s organized crime bureau told Global News that police were surprised by the scale of what they found at Wei’s mansion.  He described it to Global News as “a sophisticated operation with $20,000 per hand baccarat betting limits that may have used cryptocurrency as well as cash.  There was a high-end restaurant with a maitre ‘d appeared to be serving families with children in a landscaped courtyard while police believe that alleged gambling and potential sex trafficking occurred in all 53 mansion rooms.

Wei’s first court date was in November.

Canadian corporate records reviewed by Global News show that Wei Wei and his wife control many companies and properties in Canada, and there was speculation of large scale money laundering. 

Det. Sgt. Salhia of York police said the investigation is also looking at potential human trafficking and prostitution allegations — and they could target these properties as proceeds of crime.


Global did their homework

In addition, Global News has found numerous photos and online reports showing that Yongtao Chen and a number of other CACA leaders have been associating with Jin repeatedly in recent years, at locations including a Richmond business linked to illegal casino and money laundering allegations.

Canadian intelligence officers say China has effectively been using real estate and casino tycoons (and their political donations) to facilitate meetings between their government representatives and Canadian officials. 

One of the sources told Global News that Canada has failed to counter this increasing threat of ‘elite capture.’

I can’t help but wonder who they’re referring to…. (as if it’s not blatantly obvious).

How does this connect to Justin Trudeau?

He participated in at least a handful of fundraising events in the Toronto and Vancouver regions in 2016 and 2017 that featured wealthy entrepreneurs such as Wei.  Trudeau met twice with Wei, including at a Toronto-area Liberal fundraiser in 2016, a media report in the National Post revealed.

Bin Zhang

Bin Zhang, was also with Weir at these meetings, a Chinese billionaire and member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).  The Globe and Mail reported that he later made a $1-million donation to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, coincidentally it was discovered. A former CSIS intelligence officer also told Global News that he was concerned about donations to the Trudeau foundation from a Chinese tycoon. 

“Yeah, it doesn’t take a genius to see why?!”

Rongxiang 'Tiger" Yuan

Trudeau allegedly also received donations in 2016 from a Chinese national named Rongxiang ‘Tiger’ Yuan.

Global said, “Yuan was identified as “Suspect 2” in RCMP’s investigations into activities in Richmond which probed “VIP” gamblers and suspected loan sharks allegedly involved in “transnational money laundering” at Richmond’s River Rock Casino, but was never charged with wrongdoing” according to B.C. Lottery Corp. investigation records obtained by Global News.”

Global News also said election financing records were found that suggest Yuan donated at least twice to the Liberal Party in 2016, including 

  • $1,500 to Trudeau’s Papineau Federal Liberal Association, and 
  • $1,414 to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Another of Yuan’s registered donations of $1,384 to the Liberal Party of Canada allegedly could have been the result of a clerical error, a Liberal Party spokesman said.  I don’t blame you if you don’t have confidence in their “transparency” either.

There is a photograph of one 2017 gala meeting where Yuan and suspects met with CACA leaders: Yuan and Trudeau shaking hands in front of a Canadian flag. The photograph, which is not part of RCMP files reviewed by Global News they say, appears to document a personal meeting in 2016 between Yuan and Trudeau. 

See the full story from Global here:

Okay, so they really went in depth in this article by Global… except for the part where the police are currently investigating child sex trafficking. (Nothing to see here!). The National Post reported September 30th, “An illegal gambling operation at a mansion in Markham, Ont., had armed guards, spa services for clients and may have supported human trafficking, police alleged Wednesday as they announced dozens of arrests related to the enterprise.”

“Human sex trafficking is also suspected and is also under investigation.”

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