Alberta Comorbidities: Oct 26th vs. Nov 2nd

A Post From November 2nd

Nearly 75% of Covid deaths in Alberta had THREE or more serious conditions

I’ve been documenting what they’ve posted to the Alberta website regarding Covid, and I had personally recorded October 26th in my spreadsheet last week.
Thank God I did… this is why the cases are so damn high: Data manipulation. 
They mean to tell us, that almost 4 million people got tested within one week?! 
To be completely blunt, I personally call “bullshit”.


Let’s review some simple, fact-based logic:
  • We cannot have more cases – than tests.
  • We cannot have more cases – than people.
  • The comorbidity section of the website represents cases and the severity of those cases.
Can we all agree on this? …Pretty simple, right?

The Data Notes on says that they include the following in their respective analyses in regards to comorbidities and Covid-19 Statistics: 

“Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Cancer, Dementia, Stroke, Liver cirrhosis, Cardiovascular diseases (including IHD and Congestive heart failure), Chronic kidney disease, and Immuno-deficiency.” 

LIVE Alberta Website:

The Alberta Government Released the following on their Covid Website:
(I've put it into a nice easy chart for convenience sake)

Okay, holy crap. 
As I was filling this chart out – I realized the massive increase in testing.
That would be comparable to the number of people they are saying were tested in Alberta during this time period.
This is simple math – how are they even messing their tracking up this badly?!
I can’t think of a possible excuse they could have for this.
If you add up all of the cases shown in the comorbidity chart below for that week, this should be our total case number.
So then, if we take the week of November 2ndminus the week of October 26th, we should have how many cases there were for that week period.
Makes sense, right? Basic subtraction.
These numbers do not line up.  
It seems that our “expert’s” seem to be having some logistical problems ‘in their system’ with these facts.  
Somehow, we have more cases than people. 
Alberta’s current population is 4,421,876. 
They added a total of 4,696,493 additional cases under their “non severe” categories.
It is completely conceivable that people would test multiple times, but if we consider that as a possible explanation what it would tell us is that they are bloating the ratios to manipulate the data intentionally.
It looks to me like they are counting multiple tests as multiple cases on some other subset section of their website that they aren’t supposed to be, (only in regards to comorbidities or specific variables), and it’s now falsely being represented on the chart

I should note: It’s been pointed out to me that this chart I’ve made doesn’t match up with what their “Laboratory” info tab said for this date – I’m aware. (They SHOULD really match up.)…/covid-19-alberta-statistics… Go to “Deaths” tab, and then the “Comorbidities” tab to see current data, as displayed in the chart.

Update: This has been sent to all government officials in the province asking them to look into it, because something is clearly wrong with their system for it to be 3 MILLION people “off”.

UPDATE: The Alberta website has mysteriously gone “down” and they are saying it is because of system problems. I hardly think it’s a coincidence.

a post from november 4th

They’ve updated their website – and I call it a victory!  The numbers have been revised to (at least) look half realistic now.

These numbers were evidently incredibly ‘off from reality’, (by 4 million cases), and they were being improperly represented. Good news, its been changed!  (Nobody wanted to admit that they had royally messed up our numbers… but regardless, its been changed now at least.) 

I really must have been ‘barking up the right tree’ for them to scramble to change it so quickly, not to mention, predate it for yesterday to try and cover it up.  Pay special attention to the timestamp on my computer, and the date displayed on the website pages in both photos, is how you can tell they obviously attempted to cover up their blunder.

I knew there was something majorly wrong here.

The page is still warped, even after the update, and the dates aren’t matching up. 

Are they trying to cover it up?! 

I took both of these screenshots THE SAME DAY. This looks to me like this is just plain dishonesty.

They are mucking around with the data – VERY CLEARLY.  What I’m not so certain of, is that it was a mistake.  

(It might have something to do with the fact that I directly emailed every single government official in Alberta the information from my previous post.) Who knows, though! We [for sure] can’t tell – Not when they’ve been caught manipulating the numbers like this, many times. 

They might as well be randomly keying them in at this point, and we would have absolutely no idea, or way to track it.

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