Are masks fire hazards for welders?

A welding professor warned the school that it would cause a fire hazard to wear a mask under his welding helmet, and recommended students to only wear them when not wearing the welding helmets.

Makes sense, given that welding is mostly working with high temperature equipment, and masks are flammable (if they are not the proper type of mask… which, is what the welding helmet is for).

So, anyways, the school put him on unpaid leave to silence him because he was allegedly being “disruptive”.

Now he says, (while he was on this unpaid leave), that someone who was welding at the school lit their face on fire. (*Surprise!*)

Just as he had warned. He’s been terminated now, seemingly for standing by industry regulated safety standards.

I can’t even believe this is real life anymore.

My true questions will be left unanswered, I’m sure, but – they run along the lines of:

How does ANY of this make sense? Where has common sense and logic gone?!

Where are the people who are supposed to be representing us in government, and

Why are they enforcing these counter productive measures which put us at guaranteed risk of injury?!

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